Teaching, project support & mentoring

PROFESSIONAL LEVEL – creative technologist


Den norske filmskolen – Inland Norway University


May – November 2021: Off-Piste Virtual Reality Storytelling Lab 2021 https://offpistelab.com/ .

October 2019; Off-Piste Virtual Reality Storytelling Lab 2019.

October 2013: Film Spring Open – VFX workshop interdisciplinary educational workshop for AV industry professionals and focusing on comprehensive, cyclical, professional and future-oriented film education for film directors, scriptwriters, actors, producers, set designers, sound technicians, and cinematographers, programmers, game developers, youtubers, computer designers, technicians developing new tools or accessories for production.




Den Norske Filmskolen (Dnf) (the Norwegian Film School) Inland Norway University

PKU Artistic research fellowship project support and guidance

09-2019 – 12-2019 : Project: “Numb”; Scope/workload: creative technologist, concept art. Funding source: Dnf CEFIMA. Elin Festøy’s PKU artistic research fellowship project, developed following her Bafta Award- winning game (2019) “My Child Lebensborn”, developed with Sarepta Studio. “Numb” is also linked to the international network “Children Born of War”, and will culminate in a VR documentary that unites mothers from different generations and countries, who have in common children whose fathers are soldiers from an invading force.

01-2018 – 11-2019 : Project: “Lone Wolves Stick Together(first phaseDecember 2018 -February 2019); Scope/workload: creative technologist. Funding source: Dnf CEFIMA. Nadja Lipsyc’s PKU artistic research fellowship project – a 360, intimate and interactive theatrical expedition, organized in cinema studios, inspired by Tarkovsky’s movie ‘Stalker’, bringing together cinematic storytelling, live-action role playing (LARP), games, and virtual reality. First phase developed/built with BFA students (production design, sound, cinematography) in 2 Dnf studios. It introduced a new form of storytelling to the BFA community and introduced new ways of working and creating within flat, non-hierarchical structures according to new (for filmmakers) principles of environmental design.

04-2019 – 06-2019 : Project: “Deaf Music Palace” , Scope/workload: creative technologist and mentor. Funding source: Dnf CEFIMA. An MFA level workshop devised and run by NARP (PKU) 3nd year fellows Lipsyc and Levy, introducing ways of co-creating an innovative virtual reality narrative installation.


MA/MFA level


Den Norske Filmskolen (Dnf) (The Norwegian Film School) Inland Norway University

2019: mentoring MFA student new media productions

The Leon Schiller Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School, LODZ, POLAND

2010 – Rector’s Award for Achievements in Scientific, Didactic and Artistic work, to Rafa lHanzl

January 2019 : ‘Creative Technologist in contemporary film production’, VR Digital Design Workshop organized by the Direction Dept, open to students of all departments.

09-1999 – 06-2018 :  Cinematography and Television Production department: digital animation, postproduction, visual effects, web design / mentoring of students film production in specializations: Cinematography, Animation Directing, and Special Effects and the Film, and Television Directing department specialization: Editing, reviews of diploma theses (Senior Lecturer)


Bachelor level


Den Norske Filmskolen (Dnf) (the Norwegian Film School) Inland Norway University

2019-2020: Designer and Leader of the Digital Visual Design Programme (BFA level)

08-2014 – 12-2018 : Mentor,  Visual effects – BFA student film productions

Westerdals Kristiania University College

January 2023: Westerdals – Kristiania University College: one-month Virtual Reality Workshop (Tutor).

January 2022 : Westerdals – Kristiania University College: one-month Virtual Reality Workshop (Tutor).

Publications, conferences, symposia

02-2019 : “The future of narratives” Presenter, VR days, Oslo Science Park

10-2018 : «The role of creative technologist in the artistic research process” Presenter, DnF Myrens Verksted, Oslo

Other relevant academic experience

09-2021: Universitetet i Bergen: Member of the assessment committee – PhD in VR, Institutt for design, Fakultetet for kunst, musikk og design.