Rafał Hanzl – Creative Technologist

Virtual Set – advanced research project

Virtual Set was a practice-based research to develop a new kind of virtual production stage and workflow to enable film-makers and live performers to capture complex visual-effects shots in-camera, using real-time game engine technology and surrounding LED screens. The research provides the basis for The Norwegian Film School workshops for students and professionals in the field of new media art and film.


My task as creative technologist was to develop a prototype virtual set (where digital projections are integrated directly into a shoot with performers to create seamless scenography), implement camerawork in VR using traditional and experimental cinematic language, including defining framing and angles and test system with different kinds of physical camera (handheld, tripod, tracking, zooming, tilting, panning). It helped identifying and documenting challenges in quality and outcomes in preparing and shooting on a virtual set, establishing best practice in developing a virtual set and shoots and planning productions using virtual sets at the scale of a Film School preparing participants for the real world industry.


The research was used for successful application to EU Erasmus fund for continued research in collaboration with the Danish Film School.