Rafał Hanzl – Creative Technologist

Queens Game: research project

1363: 11-year old Queen Margrete, newly married to King Håkon VI (23) arrives at Akersborg and explores her new home, where she discovers not only how her subjects feel about their leaders and their time, but also the contrasting world of King Arthur and Queen Gunvor, whose tales of the Round Table her great grand aunt, Eufemia, the first queen to live at Akershus festning, had translated into Swedish.


Queens Game, an artistic research collaboration between the Norwegian Film School and Snow Castle Games, Oslo builds on Maureen Thomas’s experience as a dramatist, screenwriter, interactive story architect and director. I support the project as the Creative Technologist with concept art, sculpting, animation, cinematography, editing, graphics and interactive experience development.


I created 3D sculpted models of chess board/chess table, chesspieces and roses suitable for inclusion in Unreal Engine environment, components of video reports and presentations, identify and implement animation methods to bring to life the stages in experimental production and edit them into video, 



Queens Game combines the dramatic narrative modes of the middle ages and the exquisite visual aesthetic of medieval manuscript painting with innovative games design to create a new enjoyment of authentic history through music, drama and gameplay: HiStoryPlay.


In Queens Game, using an enchanted chess-set left behind at Akershus Stronghold by Margrete’s husband’s great aunt, Queen Eufemia, Margrete and her real life best friend Ingegerd find their way into the timeless realm of King Arthur and Queen Gunvor, where they experience adventures which help Margrete learn to be the strong and strategic ruler she later became.


As the Creative Technologist I am experimenting with The Looking Glass interactive holographic display system and a Leap Motion sensor to identify ways of interacting with the dramatic stories.


Queens Game experiments with the potential richness of the computer as dramatic storytelling medium, investigating the challenges of working at the intersection of traditional film, television and 3D games.