Rafał Hanzl – Creative Technologist

Numb – Otherself NARP/PKU fellowship artistic research project

Like her BAFTA Award-winning interactive online game “My Child Lebensborn” (2019), developed with Sarepta Studio, Elin Festøy’s documentary VR project exploring prejudice and othering through emotionally charged interactivity is linked to the international network “Children Born of War” – mothers who have in common children whose fathers are soldiers from an invading force.


“Numb” is Elin Festøy’s artistic research project exploring emotional interaction in VR, and how to build empathy and understanding for the situation of Children Born of War in a non-fiction VR experience.


As the Creative Technologist I made several preliminary concept arts of the environment and creature designs. It helped to identify visual references, adapt these and create environment concept sketches workable in VR incorporating the VR user, design game-engine mock-up for VR experience emphasising emotionally charged interface and create concept for in-experience virtual moth character.