Rafał Hanzl – Creative Technologist

Lone Wolves: NARP fellowship artistic research project

Lone Wolves is Nadja Lipsyc’s PKU artistic research fellowship project – a 360, intimate and interactive theatrical expedition, organized in cinema studios, inspired by Tarkovsky’s movie ‘Stalker’, bringing together cinematic storytelling, live-action role playing (LARP), games, and virtual reality.


I helped to create LIDAR-scan based explorable environment with variations in form and texture for VR scenographic development.


First phase was developed/built with BFA students (production design, sound,  cinematography) in two The Norwegian Film School studios. It introduces a new form of storytelling to the BFA community and new ways of working and creating within flat, non-hierarchical structures according to new (for filmmakers) principles of environmental design.


The LIDAR scans were created to continue roleplaying experience in Virtual Reality, following the steps of Tarkovsky’s Stalker.


I designed, sculpted and 3D printed wolf-masks for use in Augmented LARP experiment to enhance emotional immersion and enable participants to inhabit characters fully.


Visualizations and testing of the unified size.


3D printed mask prototypes.


3D model of the Doubt: drag left mouse button to rotate, right mouse button to pan, roll to zoom


As the Creative Technologist, I supported process of 3D scanning, the mask design and 3D printing, motion design and concept renders for Virtual Reality realization.